Traditional Divorce Services


Whether advising on divorce, separation or the dissolution of a civil partnership, we recognise the level of stress and emotional trauma that accompanies the breakdown of a relationship. Our approach is to advise and assist in a sympathetic, supportive and above all, effective way.


We often hear clients say they wish they had taken advice earlier on. They have instead struggled to deal with problems concerning money, children or escalating domestic abuse, on their own.

We believe it can never be too early or premature to seek professional advice.  We can often provide reassurance that a favourable outcome can be achieved, and of course, it puts you in control of life changing events and your own destiny. We will not put you under any pressure to pursue matters until you are ready.

We also believe the past should not steal your present. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

We offer a range of Fixed Fees which can be agreed at a completely confidential initial consultation without charge. We will not pressurise you to proceed until you feel ready to progress matters.


We will ensure you have all the information, advice and support you need to conclude the procedural side of your divorce divorce simply and efficiently.

We will advise you on the five grounds that can be used to evidence a marriage or civil partnership has broken down. We will help you to find the best way through the divorce process ensuring the Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute are executed quickly and effectively. We want to help you quickly achieve the clean Financial break, or indeed Absolute resolution that you seek.


Many people come to us after they have attempted to do their own divorce and got stuck. We will do our best  to help in those circumstances, but it is generally not a false but a  disastrous economy.

The difference between self representation and having top quality representation can be vast in terms of ultimate outcome; both in terms of the financial gain and avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety.


We will provide you with all copies of correspondence so you are never left wondering what is happening as matters progress. We will further ensure you fully understand what is likely to happen and likely timescales, so that during a time of enormous change, you will not have to worry about lack of progress in your case.

We specialise in the following areas of Family Law;

  1. Divorce and Breakdown of relationship.
  2. Financial settlements arising from breakdown.
  3. Property disputes and arrangements between all members of the family
  4. Private Children matters; Family arrangement orders.
  5. Children disputes concerning contact, residence, parental responsibility or maintenance under the new C.S.A.regulations
  6. Public law child care matters involving dispute with the Local Authority and Special Guardianship.
  7. Pre-nuptual agrements and available linked insurance schemes.
  8. Cohabitation Agreements.
  9. Remedies for domestic violence and injunctions.
  10. Cohabitation and civil partnership disputes.
  11. Ways of securing interim funding to progress litigation.


For your specific initial inquiry about a family problem and /or for further information about the possible cost of progressing matters or availability of legal aid, please complete our enquiry form 

IF you prefer telephone us on 02920388398 0r text us your details on 07007007 to arrange your initial consultation.