Considering Your Children

Children in Breakdown of Relationship.

Contact Issues

Mediation in relation to Children issues may sometimes be a quick and cost effective means of progress, particularly if the issues in dispute are of a more practical nature such as
arranging day to day times and location of visits, holidays, overnight stays and appropriate financial arrangements.

However, as in making peace, it takes two parties to mediate and often formal legal advice from a solicitor is required at an appropriate stage. Sometimes it can be very easy to enjoy the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of reasoned, professional, legal advice. The consequences of not having, or indeed of not taking, appropriate legal advice, may be severe. Experienced solicitors can offer an objective view on how to achieve the best outcome. The choice on how you choose to progress matters is however,always yours.


In most circumstances, no Parent wishes to involve the court in respect of determining appropriate Parenting arrangements, and often a fixed fee can be agreed for appropriate
formal representations to be made by way of formal, but civilised correspondence, with the hope that matters can be agreed with a measure of negotiation.

Few Parents want to incur the cost of litigation, particularly where Legal Aid, or Public Funding will rarely be available, save in circumstances of severe, corroborated,
Domestic Violence.

However, where there are serious concerns about your child,you may need to make an expedited application to the Court. In those circumstances you should make an appointment urgently.

The Court now make Child Arrangement Orders, which encompass all aspects of where the child or children will live, contact arrangements, and how Parental Responsibility will be
exercised in situations where Parents simply cannot reach agreement.

Similarly urgent advice is required if you are ever served with any court application in relation to children We are specialist in cases where the Local Authority have become involved and Legal  Aid  is still available in what are called Public Law cases.

At all times, when making any important decision about your child or children, take appropriate legal advice, and remember, the best thinking is usually done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil.


To eventually get to the end of the process and have a fabulous relationship with my daughters
seems miles away from where we actually started.
Martyn, Penarth.