Considering Your Children

Children in Breakdown of Relationship.

Contact Issues

Mediation in relation to Children issues may sometimes be a quick and cost effective means of progress, as opposed to formal correspondence via solicitors .Such letters can quickly become acrimonious, judgmental even deeply distressing. Joint agreement on pressing, day to day issues, and /or contact arrangements, can quickly be made in a joint mediation session, leading to far less stress, reduced legal cost, and indeed, less worry for the children themselves.

However, as in making peace, it takes two parties to mediate and often formal legal advice from a solicitor is required. Sometimes it can be very easy to enjoy the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of reasoned, professional, legal advice. The consequences of not having, or indeed of not taking, appropriate legal advice, may be severe. Experienced solicitors can offer an objective view on how to achieve the best outcome. The choice on how you choose to progress matters is however, always yours.

You are both parents, and whilst you may no longer be able to share the day-to-day responsibility of caring for the children, you can share the week-to-week responsibility of looking after them and making joint parental decisions.


Where there are serious concerns about your child,  you may need to make an expedited application to the Court. In those circumstances you should make an appointment urgently.

Similarly contact us urgently if you are ever served with any court application in relation to children We are specialist in cases where the Local Authority have become involved and Legal  Aid  is still available in what are called Public Law cases.



To eventually get to the end of the process and have a fabulous relationship with my daughters
seems miles away from where we actually started.
Martyn, Penarth.