Absolute Mediation : Family Law & Divorce Solicitors in Cardiff


As Law Society expert accredited divorce and family law solicitors in Cardiff and Penarth, we are able to provide formal, experienced, legal advice and practical support.


We can always promise you a realistic and cost effective evaluation of your family law problems if you contact us at an early stage.

We can also arrange an initial specialist Consultation without financial obligation if you contact our Jane Williams.

We also believe we are straight-talking and direct, focusing on providing clarity at what is always a very stressful time. We will aim to be creative and strategic in finding an early solution to your problems, whilst dealing with matters with both discretion and sensitivity.

There have been many recent changes in Family Law with the new unified Family Court and the radical dismantling of availability of legal aid in private family law cases. It is therefore more important than ever, to secure appropriate information and formal legal advice quickly.


We concentrate on all areas of Family and Divorce law, Property and Financial Disputes and all Children related disputes.

We act for those in the process of divorce, cohabitants in property disputes,grandparents seeking legal rights to their grandchildren, those in dispute with the local authority seeking return of their children, for victims of domestic abuse seeking protection, for those seeking a prenuptual or cohabitation agreement.

For more details telephone us 02920789007 e.mail us or text your details on 07837007007

We provide a full range of fixed fees in respect of all legal matters we undertake and/or provide detailed costs information in advance of you formally instructing us.We also believe that ultimately it is for you to decide how much you wish to pay and indeed the manner in which your case is handled.


We often provide a second opinion  for those clients who are unhappy with their current solicitors, sometimes due to a personality clash or perhaps a feeling they have been passed on to a more junior member of staff without justification. Most of us like to retain the solicitor who best understands our case and/or, not pay for duplicated work.


We understand how distressing relationship problems or breakdown of relationships, often are. We cannot promise you easy or instant legal or practical solutions. We can though unravel problems and provide you with the specialist support you need, to help reach an action plan for the most favourable, albeit realistic, outcome you can achieve.

After experiencing major problems or setbacks in our closest relationships, it can sometimes feel difficult to keep going or to lose focus on the achievable goal.

After multiple attempts at trying to invent something from synthetic rubber to the light bulb, Thomas Edison famously commented “ I have not failed, I have just found 10000 ways that won’t work”

We believe it is usually easier to see the light than to invent it, with the right professional support.